Words I can do without

A list, to grow with each passing hour. First up, densification. After that, we have

  • incentivize
  • represent (versus is)
  • experience (versus have)
  • this (poor orphaned ambiguous pronoun!)
  • with (used incorrectly as a fall-back clause conjunction)
  • as such
  • utilize (versus use)

Why editors are important

A volume by definition uneven. Twelve chapters, thirty authors. Task, a medium copyedit. Pace, proofreading. And then twenty pages of this—

The predominant mix of all generations of mostly Latino of Mexican or Central American origin mean that often they come from places where despite experiences with slavery and a substantial group of people who are descendants of sub-Saharan Africans, the erasure of blackness in national ideologies means that many immigrants and their descendants see blackness as a “foreign” construct and something very different from themselves.

Mercifully, this chapter is short. Still.

A little awkward?

Between observing Golden Tamarind monkeys at the zoo and giving a tour of the Old Pension Building, I address author changes to a first edit of a journal article. Ahem. Yes. Author is striving to make author’s intent more clear.

Overall, the finding that increased racial heterogeneity is associated with reduced involvement in violence among blacks, in combination with results from the mediation analyses, suggests that racial friendship networks are largely homogenous and this structural component of friendship networks may be especially detrimental for black youth. This is because racial homogeneity acts to perpetuate racial disparities in violence since many black adolescents do not have access to the same resources through their friendship ties as other non-black adolescents.

Right. Yeah. Okay.

It’s my last issue. I refuse to care.